Greg’s Word Setup


While I have owned three Mac laptops, the current one, a 2.0 GHz MacBook Pro is definitely my favorite. I upgraded the RAM to 1 GB, but am wishing for more—just as I’m wishing for for more hard drive space (80 gigs just isn’t enough). I’m happily running Leopard, while I also have Windows XP installed via Boot Camp. I use Windows for distractions from law school–mainly playing those sweet Windows-only computer games. I use a Bluetooth mouse, as well (worth the cost, but make sure it has an off switch).

Backing Up

I backup to an old 3G 20GB iPod, and have also recently downloaded and am running Mozy, which sits in the menubar and periodically updates automatically (sort of like Time Machine, but without the requirement of a hard disk; once I can shell out the cash to get a Time Capsule, I’ll use that). The iPod takes care of my larger media files, while Mozy makes sure I never lose any law school docs.


After using Microsoft Word first year, I have switched to outlining in OmniOutliner. It’s been a bit rough so far, but with the bugginess of Word 2008 I’m pleased about the switch. It has taken some getting used to, and I don’t appreciate having to re-format pasted in text all the time. Sigh.

Word Processing

Still, though, for notes and papers I use Microsoft Word 2008. I’m one of those early adopters and purchased Word via our Nebraska-Microsoft agreement for only a few dollars the day it came out. Cosmetically, I’ve found it great, but it’s still buggy and seems to have backtracked in several significant ways. I’m also disappointed that the notebook view does not support two-pane viewing for my widescreen monitor. I still appreciate the Notebook view’s ability to organize my class notes, and research for papers or memos.


Schoolhouse gets my vote. It’s free, and keeps track of reading and paper assignments, though I don’t believe it integrates with Mail and iCal, which I wish it did. It is still a good app, though.


I’m a power user of Apple’s Mail app. I have set it to check multiple accounts and have set up several smart mailboxes. I also use its note feature to jot down quick ideas or tasks or to take notes from telephone conference calls.


I use both Safari and the Firefox 3 Beta. I can’t decide which one to use. Both have features that I like, and I’ve always leaned toward Firefox. Its key features for me are speed, functionality of bookmarks, and general usability. But Safari just looks so nice–and it loads up much faster.


You can’t beat Adium. It checks AIM, MSN and Gchat all together and provides many different user-created interfaces. Adium is a good reason to leave iChat alone altogether, unless you’re doing audio or video stuff.

Schedule/To Do

iCal organizes my life. The Leopard version has vastly improved its predecessors. Without notifications, I would probably forget to do half the things I’ve scheduled.


I use the standard widgets, but have found Countdown and iCal Events particularly helpful. Sing that iTune! is great for finding lyrics quickly.