Google Wave for Law School

The recent release of Google Buzz has quieted much of the talk about Google’s other big release, Google Wave. However, as a law student who has been using Wave for the past several months, Wave is still very much worth talking about. If you’re not familiar with Wave yet, check out this great guide created by Ben Parr of Mashable. It should answer most questions you have. [Ed. note: Also see my long-winded analysis of Google Wave's potential impact]

Wave is a great collaboration tool that lends itself to the needs of law students. It allows realtime chat, document editing, map sharing, links, video chat, and even live sudoku matches. During finals last semester, a few section-mates and I started a Wave for each class to work through problems and talk through theories together.

The biggest current drawback, other than being in buggy beta, is the lack of notification when someone contributes to a Wave. However, there’s a third party fix. Hiroshi has created the Google Wave Notifier for Mac. It’s free and a snap to install.

If you’re using Wave, especially at school, I’d love to hear your feedback!

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